I study of the Spanish advertising population

An average age of 36.5 years, university training, and a work experience of between 5 and 10 years, is the most common profile drawn in the I Study of the Spanish Advertising Population, prepared by the APG (Account Planning Group) and The Creative Club between the months of November and January 2019.

The report was carried out after a macro-survey carried out between the contacts of the two associations and to which 1,500 professionals, belonging to different types of companies: creative agencies, media agencies, innovation agencies, advertisers, marketers, producers and consultants.

The initiative seeks to gather data that allows knowing the reality of a sector that is constantly evolving and establishing references for future comparisons, since this study will be carried out periodically every two years.

The survey analyzes the composition of the different departments, the sociodemographic data of their members, and their turnover rates.

An equal but not egalitarian profession

The main conclusions confirm some of the beliefs about the composition of the different departments of the agencies, but also deny others. For example, the alleged numerical disparity between men and women in the sector is not reflected in the report. In fact, as a whole, they are very close percentages, 51.7% are men and 48.3%, women, although that equality disappears when looking at the composition by areas: in creativity, men dominate, 60, 6%, compared to 39.4%. On the contrary, there are departments where a majority of women is appreciated, such as the accounts department, with 73.7%, or strategic planning, 56.8%.

The reduction in the number of women over 40 years of age may be linked to motherhood and the difficulty of reconciling family life with work in advertising.

The great disparity between genders occurs in the general direction: women are a minority in the management teams of advertising companies in Spain. Three quarters (76%) of advertising managers in Spain are men.

A profession of young, well-trained, albeit with high turnover rates

69% of those surveyed are between 25 and 44 years old and 39% are between 25 and 34 years old, a much higher percentage than the country’s average, where only 18% of the population is in that age bracket .

It is also an area where higher studies dominate, with 84% of graduates, graduates or postgraduate studies, and 46% with specific training in Advertising and Public Relations.

Turnover rates – the percentage of employees with less than 1 year in the company – are also high in this professional group. The average is 20% and there are large differences between young people and more senior profiles. Specifically, in the youngest age group, 18 to 24 years, 56% of advertisers have been in their current job for less than a year.

Advertising talent has the highest turnover rates in newer or high-demand profiles such as strategic planning or in rapidly expanding companies such as consultancies.