10 Things Travelers Should Avoid While Booking a Hotel

Travelling to a new destination is not only a good way to unwind, but it is also a learning experience. Whether you are travelling for fun or on business, it is important to consider your accommodation before departing. Many a trip has been ruined because of poor lodging choice and the experiences are always painful.

There are many mistakes people make when looking for hotels and these can easily be avoided. Here are a few of these pitfalls to enjoy your next trip:

1. Ignoring Hotel reviews

While finding the most suitable accommodation in any destination, be ready to take time and read reviews by past guests. Yelp and Trip Advisor are just some of the sites where you can get credible information about the place you want to stay. You will find more details on such websites than on the establishment’s site.

2. Failure to Confirm Location

With so many technology tools such as Google Street View to help locate properties, there is no excuse for failing to confirm where your hotel is located. Check what other facilities are around the area lest you book a room above a major interstate highway or a market.

3. Not checking Availability of Airport Shuttle

Nothing irritates as much as trying to hail a cab in a new city once you land. To avoid this inconvenience, go for a facility that provides transport to and from the airport.

4. Taking Parking for Granted

If you are using a rental, make sure you confirm availability of parking at your place of stay and the cost for the same. Consider the security of the rental and the high cost of parking if the establishment doesn’t have space.

5. Consider Internet Access

Whether you are travelling on business or fun, it is important to have access to the internet and a good hotel should offer this. However, you also need to consider the cost lest you end up paying more for Wi-Fi than for the room.

6. Failing to ask about Breakfast

No one likes to leave their room to go to look for breakfast, hence the importance to confirm about the availability of this meal and the cost. You can easily confirm this by calling in advance.

7. Failing to Sign up for Loyalty programs

It doesn’t hurt to sign up for rewards whenever they are available because sometimes they start paying off immediately thus saving you money.

8. Using Loyalty Points with 3rd Parties

As a rule of thumb, if a loyalty program belongs to a particular brand, you only enjoy the benefits when you book through them.

9. Fear of the Bargain

It is your right to ask for a better rate and you shouldn’t have any qualms when doing this; after all, any savings will make your stay even better.

10. Don’t be afraid to call the hotel

Online information might not be up to date and by calling directly, you will get deals that other guests won’t find.

These are just some of the ideas you can use to get a good accommodation deal.

Article Source: EzineArticles